In 2017, architects Xing Di and Yang Zhaokai established "Rushi" interdisciplinary design consulting agency in Beijing and Huizhou.

Based on the common concern of natural landscape and cultural heritage, "Ruyi" provides a more complete solution for the renewal of urban and rural communities in China at present through the practice of urban construction and rural activation, and through the experimental way of intervention, using place construction thinking to link tradition and activate space.


Xing Di, founder of Rushi, executive director and design director, master of architecture of China Academy of fine arts, has successively studied with Dong Yugan and Wang Shu. He has worked in Wang Shu's amateur architecture studio, Beijing atelier100s+1 architecture studio and Li Xinggang studio of China Academy of architectural design. In 2014, he set up independent architect studio, and set up rushi Design firm in three years, it initiatedthe concept of new rural architecture, opened the interface of urban and rural community construction through architectural practice, and promoted the innovative garden design driven by Chinese classical painting theory and gardening theory. His works have participated in architectural exhibitions at home and abroad for many times, and won the first prize of national excellent engineering survey and design, rural architecture award of Ministry of housing and construction, etc.

Yang Zhaokai, founder of Rushi,director of operation, Deputy Secretary General of the Construction Committee of the world green design organization, master of architecture, Peking University. He once worked in Guo daiheng studio of Tsinghua Urban Planning and Design Institute for urban and rural planning and cultural heritage protection. At the end of 2012, the "C" salon of Beijing Cultural Forum was launched to promote interdisciplinary dialogue with cultural heritage as the center; in 2017, the "C" salon was founded to advocate the concept of new rural architecture, open the interface of urban and rural community building through architectural practice, and promote the local development of ecological and cultural protection and empowerment. As the curator of CCTV's "if the national treasure will speak" and curator of China Pavilion of Bucharest architecture triennial.